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The Scottish Bothy Bible is the first complete guide to Scotland’s bothies, the eagerly awaited reference book not only a perfect resource for any bothy fan, but also ideal for anyone happily transported to hidden corners of the country from the comfort of their armchair. A prized, signed and numbered copy of the first edition is only available here.

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The Scottish Bothy Bible is the first complete guide to Scotland’s Bothies, the unique network of open crofts, farmsteads and mountain huts found across the country’s wilderness areas, in some amazing out of the way locations. Completely free to use, with no booking system or wardens, bothies vary in size from little more than a wooden cabin, to a former youth hostel housed in a three bedroom cottage. This book is not only a perfect resource for all bothy devotees,but also ideal for anyone happily transported to Scotland’s hidden corners from the comfort of their armchair.

‘an instantly essential addition to the bookshelf’  – Trail March 2017
‘Geoff’s knowledge, expertise and love of bothies shines through’ – Scottish Field March 2017
EXACTLY the book I’d planned to write…cannot help but stir the adventurous blood – Alistair Humphreys

Signed and numbered copies of the first edition are only available here.

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Geoff Allan
ISBN-13: 9781910636107
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wild Things Publishing Ltd
Pages: 304

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    Butterfield for Bothies
    ‘Bothying’s masonic code of secrecy was never likely to survive in the internet age (not helped by the MBA) but even the idea of a guidebook would have been unthinkable a few years ago, so this ‘bible’ has more than a whiff of heresy to old school bothiers like me. Still if we must have guidebooks then they should be like this: it’s quite simply the bothying equivalent of Irvine Butterfield’s definitive guide to the Munros. There’s a general introduction to the history of bothies and the etiquette of bothying then each bothy has a two page entry with a description and approach route options, rounded off with scores of exquisite full colour photos. It will certainly inspire me to seek out a few new ones, and has reminded me to revisit plenty more’.

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    Great reference and a great read The Scottish Bothy Bible s an amazing compilation of Scottish bothy history, culture and a great guide book for those wanting to engage with the network. All of the bothies are covered across Scotland, with locations, characteristics, environment, requirements, all backed by an excellent collection of images taken by the author, Geoff Allan – who is an experienced hiker and photographer. Geoff took over five years to research the book, visiting each location and painstakingly researching the information in a way that makes this book not only informative, but a pleasure to read.

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    Wonderful why did it take so long? ‘Just took delivery of this book. What a delight to own. Looking forward to visiting a load of these bothies this year’.

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